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One of my most frequently asked questions: Do you have a list of Foreclosures?

One of my most frequently asked Questions:  Do you have a list of foreclosures?
This is a seemingly normal and reasonable question on the surface. However, what they are really asking is: Where are the cheaper homes?  
I don't blame them.  In our area, the entry level home price is above $500,000.  That is a lot of money.

  However, because of this, we don't have 'foreclosure lists' like large cities would.  We do get our share of distressed properties, but not nearly enough to put on a list.  And even when we did, they were sold so quickly that it would have been a waste of trees to print it out.  
The fact is, that in an area where the desirability and prices are high, banks have learned that listing a distressed property with an agent is to their advantage.  So, instead of properties selling at the courthouse steps many foreclosures are resold using agents, just like a non-distressed property.  
This doesn't mean you won't catch a property going to foreclosure, bu…

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